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Core Cutting

In RCC structures for neat and clean, efficient and quiet holes to be made in Slabs, Beams, RCC walls and Columns for modification or addition of Plumbing, Fire fighting pipelines, A/C piping, Electrical cables or major structural repairs in any civil construction structure
Concrete core cutting is the process of drilling and cutting perfectly round holes through concrete walls, floors and other concrete structures.
Core cutting involves a variety of techniques used by our team to efficiently and safely cut large, squre or rectangle shaped incisions in to wall concrete or slab concrete.Cutting a concrete wall is no joke. This is a dangerous job but the risks can be nearly eliminated with the proper precautions. First of all, for safety reasons, We always have at least two people on the job site. We know Working with a huge saw blad is never a good idea for woker or other people.
We Kolte Enterprises have expertised team and all team worker are expert in his work so we provide you best core cutting services by the help of our team